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New Tesla Owner Accessories Bundle | ShinyEV

New Tesla Owner Accessories Bundle | ShinyEV

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After driving a Tesla for more than a year we have composed this bundle to solve the 7 biggest design flaws inside a Tesla that would enhance its usability, comfort and looks!

- ShinyEV Floor Mats: Fits seamlessly inside your car, can easily be removed, is easily washable, and protects the inner of your car from winter Snow, summer Rain and spring Mud!   3PCs

- Centre Console Cup Holder: Worry-free and spill-proof. Its non-slip protruding tips tightly grip your cups, ensuring no spills on bumpy rides. A perfect accessory to upgrade your Tesla driving with confidence. 

- Centre Console Organizer: Often thought of as the most convenient storage space in a Tesla, the lack of compartments often results in a pile of unknown material. The centre console organizer divides the space into segments, creating division and bringing some order to the chaos.

- Smudge-Proof & Anti-Glare Screen Protector: Not merely a screen protector. The has unique microscopic bumps that scatter the incoming light, eliminating glare even in the sunniest of days. Additionally, the oleophobic coating repels oil, preventing the natural skin oil that leaves fingerprint marks, and keeping your screen nice and clean.

- Lifting Jack Pad: A must-have for any handyman! Tesla's battery is located in the bottom of the car which can easily be damaged when in direct contact with a jack. The hockey puck pads disperse the direct force applied to the battery packs and allow the car to be lifted without damage.

Key Card Holder: The combination of practicality and style. ShinyEV Key Card Holder can keep your card at easily accessible locations and away from scratches.

- Floor Vent Cover: Located under the two front seats, the vent covers can easily be installed within minutes, guarding the vent against any unwanted derbies. 

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