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Tesla Jack Pads (Pack of 4) | ShinyEV

Tesla Jack Pads (Pack of 4) | ShinyEV

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ShinyEV has redesigned the jack pad for Tesla vehicles from 2016 to 2022 models 3/Y/S/X.

A silicone ring is added to the top, which prevents the adapter from falling out. The pucks have a 25mm post and upgraded silicone ring that correctly positions the jack pad tool in the jack point, providing better protection for the car battery or chassis from damage.

The jack pad is made of high-quality durable black rubber that is sturdy and durable, with a large load capacity and one-piece moulding with a storage bag.

The post on the jack pad precisely locates the tool in the center of the jack point on the car, providing a comfortable amount of clearance between the batteries and the rim of the floor jack saddle.


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