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Silicone Cup Holder | ShinyEV

Silicone Cup Holder | ShinyEV

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This cup holder is custom designed for the 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y, and it includes several features to make sure your cup stays in place.

The built-in protrusions design of the cup holder helps to hold cups and prevents them from shaking.

The upgraded cup holder also has an annular groove design, replacing the single fixing point of other cup holders, so that the cup holder won’t be dragged out when you take out your cup.

This cup holder can hold cups up to 2.75 inches in diameter and has a larger bottom area than other cup holders to prevent the cup from not reaching the bottom properly.

It also has a reinforced support design in the middle of the cup holder, maintaining its flexibility of the cup holder while reducing the chances of it being deformed during transportation.

This cup holder is made of high-quality scratch-resistant and shock-resistant TPE material, making it more durable and longer lasting than cheaper materials, and it can be taken out for washing at any time.

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